Leading providers of IT Services, Project Delivery, Software Testing, Training & Employment Services

Our company is an Australian owned professional services organisation established in 2007.  We provide diversified business and technology services to corporate organisations of all different sizes and complexities. 

Our people have always been the key to success to our business and each individual brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and reliability to the clients we deliver for. The services offered by our company are supported by an extensive network of information and people from around the globe. Our key clients consist of:

  • Leading Australian Retail Banks and Financial Services Organisations
  • Private Wealth & Wealth Management Institutions
  • Global Investment Banks
  • Government Departments
  • News and Media Companies
  • SME’s (Small to Medium sized Enterprise)

Our services are fully supported by client references and written case studies based on previous services we have delivered across our client base.

We have been engaging the team at AJQ for the last 10 years to work on major projects.  We have always found them to be a highly professional organisation suppling a highly capable team of IT specialists to us, ensuring our projects are continually successful.

Executive IT Manager Australian Retail Bank (detailed client references available on request)

What makes us different?

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our client and customers needs and this is reflected in the successful delivery of our services to some of the most sucessful companies in the world.

Our core strengths as an organisation that set us apart from the others is we have an:

  • Extremely capable and dynamic team with diverse experience across a number of industry sectors
  • Strong customer service focus ensuring we understand that each client has different needs and requirements that must be met
  • Flexible approach to our service delivery ensuring solutions are delivered rapidly, on-time and to a high level of quality