Our company provides a range of Business Consulting services that include:

We provide specialist Business Consulting, Business Project Management and solutions to enable the seamless delivery of your projects. We also provide advice on automating Business processes and tasks where they are currently manual, saving significant processing time and optimizing them through the use of technology and tools.

Our work engagements offer a flexible approach where services may be for a few days right up to large scale programs of works.

A number of our projects have consisted of the delivery for mission critical banking systems, taxation systems, investment banking trading platforms, insurance product launches, payroll systems, superannuation product launches, legal compliance changes and online retail stores.

These services are delivered by Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Leads and Project Methodology experts and cover all aspects of Project Management lifecycle such as estimates, scheduling, project costing, delivery, risk management, change management for small, medium and large projects.

Our company has specialists available for business focussed consulting including business analysis, training programs and change management. These services are provided by industry experts who have extensive experience working with CEO's, Board Members and Senior Executives within large organisations.

Change Management is an important element of an organisation, regardless of the size and type of company. Every day a company goes through change, some of it minor such as new staff joining or some of it major such as an acquisition of another company, a merger or the set-up of a new office in a foreign country.

Change Management is extremely important in ensuring whatever change a company is introducing it is made seamlessly and with little or no disruption to the current running of the organisation.

Our company provides specialist personnel to come on-site and work with your organisation's key stakeholders and employees to ensure the changes are communicated, new processes put in place and disruption to the current operations is minimised, providing a strong basis for the company changes to take effect.

The specialists we provide consist of change analysts, communication leads, change leads, change managers and project change managers. The engagements can be for several days to several months depending on the nature of the changes being introduced.